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As an Evaluator and Developer of baseball talent, it is imperative to surround yourself
with PROGRESSIVE people who are keeping you 'AHEAD' of your competition. 

Much like the farmer who is in touch with the LATEST TECHNOLOGY
and making his land more productive, is the PLAYER, 
who seeks NEW ADVANCES helping to generate REPEATED SUCCESS.

At  BASEBALL 19 we offer Players a place where they can..

Our baseball lessons, are from our nationally recognized training system
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Most Instructors  . . Can DETECT  - a mechanical PROBLEM.  
What  makes the Instructor Valuable . . ???  
Is if he can CORRECT the problem!

OUR methods of CORRECTION . . 
modestly stating, are more progressive than other training systems.

The centerpiece of player development is recognizing the player's natural athletic disposition.  
Next is helping the player to TIME movement patterns for , hitting , pitching, and fielding.. 
Based upon this natural athletic disposition...
One Lesson (40 minutes) ...... $60

EIGHT  Lessons ( 40 minutes in length) ....... .........only $55 each ...............$440.00

TWELVE Lessons  (40 minutes in length) ............... only $48 each .................. $576.00

*Discounted pricing requires full payment*

*Out -of-Town Players..
(Players who travel typically travel 1.5 hours or longer) 

In order to optimize your training with Coach Dave Kirilloff, 
It is advised to request a longer training session. 

Typically, "out of town" players lesson arrangements include, 
* 75 minutes*  of a non -interrupted session, directly with coach Dave Kirilloff.
Typical 4O minutes lessons are subdivided into 3 compartments..
With out of town players traveling longer distances, I have this option to maximize
your time and development.

* Price for this arrangement is only $165 .. 
Lesson Format (40) minutes:

Every player is expected to arrive on time ... 3 Parts of the Lesson: 

(1) Each player will spend 10  minutes of individual warmup /  drill work 
(as assigned by the instructor) in the warm up area.
This drill work is the glue which prepares the player for his / her time with the instructor. 

(2) Specialized Instruction for the player (20) minutes.

(3) Individual work - player works in the cage next to the instructor on the tips they just learned.  The coach will give small reminders on what to work on and keeps a soft eye on the player.  This is an important step to take because, players need to learn how to manage / process what was just taught to them individually and be prepared to process it individually during the game. (10 minutes)

Pittsburgh Mills Mall Tarentum Pa , baseball lessons, pittsburgh pa. 
Lessons / Workout FORMAT / 3 compartments 
First 10 min. individual warmup exercises - 
Next 20 minutes, receive instruction - 
Last 10 minutes, individually reinforce the instruction
in the batting cage or throwing to a target..
Lesson Times Available 7 DAYS week 
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Baseball  or  Softball:  ONE - on - ONE  Lessons 
1. Sign Up for ONLINE Account
2. Pay For Program  ONLINE   or when you come in.
3. In Order To Schedule a Lesson, you may pre-pay, Or CALL Coach Dave in advance.
4. Introduction Special .. needs to be pre-scheduled with Coach DAVE.
..only $40
Give US - A Tryout ..
For New Players .. 30 min. Evaluation / Lesson

Call Me at 412-287-6689 
E-mail me at KirilloffBaseball19@gmail.com
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No money back policy - BUT money can be diverted to another program offered by our training facility. 

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Hitting Lessons ...
We teach our hitters how to be more than batting practice hitters.  We have a detailed system that  improves the swing mechanics and teaches the hitter how to be 'locked in' at home plate.  Extremely important to learn at every age.  

We teach the hitters how to improve their TIMING - which helps to see the ball EARLIER in the flight path. More detailed info about my hitting system is found at: 

Pitching Lessons...
We teach pitching for both baseball and fast pitch softball players.  Mechanics are important, but TIMING the pitching mechanics makes all of the difference.

Avoid arm injuries by learning how to put your body into a better 'stretch reflex position' and creating more elastic energy.
Fielding Lessons...
We teach players to be efficient with their actions. The Latin Loose approach we use teaches players how to position their hands and feet more comfortably than the rigid old school method.  

Very important to learn if you're training to become a SHOWCASE PLAYER. 
Please Watch Video Before FIRST Visit: 
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