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Eddie Santa Baseball Showcase 
These  Training Programs will get your SON  ready for the showcase..  
He PREPARES for the S.A.T.  Test  ... What are you doing to get him ready for the SHOWCASE ? 

1) Professional  Lessons , Polish Your  BASEBALL ACTIONS  ! 

2) Pro Baseball Development Class ,  - get your son ready for the PRO'S

3) Batting Cage Time -   Develop / Remind your "Brain" how you do it .. 

 Call Coach Dave ..Set Up A Lesson Time ..

Go Over ...  'Showcase Tips'    .. Help Your Son !
A Good Friend of Mine - One whom I've enjoyed playing with , Colorado Rockies Scout of the Year  Ed Santa, 
will be conducting His  ANNUAL FALL BASEBALL SHOWCASE - 2014    at the Pro Performance Complex / 
Mylan Park - Morgantown WV ..  OCTOBER 19th  --- NO Walk Ups -- All Must PRE - Register

Eddie Santa 
"Davey  tell your baseball Parents ...
 - Your  SON'S  Exposure to College Coaches & Professional Scouts is KEY to getting you to the next level. 

Last year  55 College Coaches, 18 from Division 1 schools, &  18 Pro Scouts  attended the Showcase.
The Coaches & Scouts receive a complete roster of all the participants to work from during the Showcase. .
All of the information the participants provide on this brochure's registration form is on the roster."

Showcase Itinerary
Session 1: Pitchers & Catchers ONLY

8:00-8:45 am     Pitchers & Catchers Check In.
9:00-9:30  60 Yard Dash.
9:30-10:00 Catchers Evaluated Throwing to 2B.
10:00-Noon Pitchers Throw Off Mounds & Catchers Catch  Pitchers -Skills are evaluated
Noon-12:45  Catchers & Pitchers: Hitting Evaluations. Other Pitchers: Pitching

12:45  -115pm"What Pro Scouts Look For & How to Get Exposure."
Speaker: Ed Santa, Colorado Rockies Scout.

Session 2: Position Players ONLY
Noon - 1245pm Infielders & Outfielders Check In.
12:45 -115pm "What Pro Scouts Look For & How to Get Exposure."
Speaker: Ed Santa, Colorado Rockies Scout. 

1:30- 145pm  60 Yard Dash 
1:45 -2:30 Outfield Fungos / Throw & Get Evaluated.
2:30-3:30 Infield Fungos / Throw & Get Evaluated. Outfielders: 

Hitting Seminar.
3:30-4:00 Outfielders: Hitting Evaluations Infielders: Hitting Seminar.
4:00-4:30  Infielders: Hitting Evaluations

Player Fee: $250.00

Ed Santa at