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- Formerly worked with the Pittsburgh Pirate Scouting Dept.

- 7 Years Collegiate Coaching Experience.
  Point Park College 1992-1996 Assistant Baseball Coach
   Summer Collegiate Wood Bat League Tri -State Head Coach 2006-2007

  - USA Baseball (NTIS - North Atlantic Region Supervisor / Coach
   2009, 2010, 2011

  - Scout Team Baseball Prospects ( North Atlantic Area - Head Coach) 
    2005, 2006, 2012

- 26  Years Baseball School Operating / Managing Experience
   1992-2018 .... Cover the daily responsibilities of Chief Operation Officer, Creative Advertising, Book keeping, 
     Facility Maintenance.  Field Research -  And Curriculum Developer for improving : Hitting, Pitching, Fielding
     for players at the Professional Baseball Level .. all the way down to the beginners level.

- Published Articles
  Baseball America

- Developer  of Nationally Hitting Product "Language Of Hitting"
  Presenter / Speaker 

'Coach Dave' is a servant  to our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.  He is a husband to his  wife Laura, and father to his children, Alexander and Sophia.  He is faithful to his family.. his ministry, and loyal to all of the families and players who train under his tutelage. 

Baseball  / Softball  - Is NOT the same game as we played it.. With the advancements of Video Recording.. Scientific Research .. and Performance Training .. Today's Athlete is Advanced.  

Our Training Paradigms are NOT the same systems used decades ago!  Long Gone are the Days of having to do a DRILL 5-thousand times .. in order for it to be conditioned into an athletic action.  At Baseball-19 your player will LEARN, DISCOVER, CONDITION - Baseball / Softball Actions through  ..The  Most - INNOVATIVE -  Training System.

We have been featured in the countries most respective publications:  
With  24years  of combined of experience of Pro-Scouting Dept., Coaching Nationally Ranked Collegiate Teams, Scouts Teams, and published articles ...

Your Son's or Daughter's future is too valuable .. to trust someone who is just learning how to teach .. " Make it a MASTERPEICE! " 

Dave Kirilloff
< Refund Policy >  ... No money back policy - BUT  money can be diverted to another program offered by our training facility. 

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Coaches and Advisors ..
Special Advisor / Mr. BRIAN GRAHAM ..
You know, you can google the name Brian Graham and see a listing of his vast experiences and baseball knowledge.  But more important to me and to this business, is not what he has done in baseball, but rather the character of the man. 

Having been a major league general manager, major league coach, and current major league player development director .. Brian Graham is not too big to be my friend and call me back to answer questions I have, advice for players we have playing in college, and advice for players we have who are being drafted by MLB.

He is a family man, faithful husband, faithful father, and a man who loves our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus .. Loyal to his work and co- workers.. 
Special Advisor / Mr. DENNIS ESKEN ..
You know, you can google the name Dennis Esken and see a listing of his vast experiences and baseball knowledge. Having been a consultant to MLB and having been featured on ESPN, ESPN Magazine, FOX SPORTS, and presenter to Baseball's Hall Of Fame..he has been supportive to our business in the area of coaching and  pitching instruction.

Mr. (Coach) Denny Esken has taught us valuable lessons and techniques regarding the developing of player arm velocity and arm care.  In regard to everyone I have listened to in this department, Coach Denny is the best !  He is a great adviser and a special friend.

He is a family man, faithful husband,  and a man who loves our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus .. Loyal to his work and co- workers..