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Dave Destler, Editor - Junior Baseball Magazine 
~ Product Test 
There are a lot of hitting aids, gadgets, and gizmos on the market and not all of them are worth your hard earned cash.  One that we can recommend, however, is the SwingAway® by SwingAway Sports Products

Developed with the professional in mind, the SwingAway® provides several benefits for the hard-working hitter. A real baseball is suspended in 'space' rather than on a tee, held in position by tether cords that can be adjusted for height, depth of strike-zone, as well as inside, outside, etc.  

The motion of the ball flying off the bat gives both feedback as to where in the field it might have gone, as well as the 'gratification' of seeing the results of a good swing. 

A big bonus is not having to chase balls and reload buckets and tees. The SwingAway® can quickly be turned into a 'pitchback' trainer for added versatility."